Driver, the franchise specializing in tire service

The network of centers in the service of the motorist. Driver is an Italian company founded in 2002 by Pirelli Tyres, Pirelli Group companies, and entrepreneurs active in the resale and installation of tires from the best brands.
Motorists rely on the company because it is always able to respond positively to any kind of problem.
The services offered by Driver is always marked on the market for:

  • professionalism
  • competence
  • transparency
  • reliability

The company offers extensive geographical coverage through a network of franchised centers located across the nation.
Saturday, September 21 opened a new franchise in the province of Bolzano Drivers and sleep 10 more openings planned before the end of the year.

The franchisor constantly invests in national and local communication to transmit their values and inform about the many active promotions.

Those who choose to open a Driver Center is a team of professionals capable of providing support in the activation process, from choosing the ideal location to launch plan for the opening. Every affiliate Driver is constantly followed by a consultant in the area trained to support the development of its business through a formation constant, targeted actions on customers and agreements with local partners.

The company’s strategy focuses on the full-featured retailers to offer consumers and car parks full service, professional and transparent.

The company has set itself the goal of continuing to expand the network in 2014 and plans to build content and affiliates in such a way as to strengthen the role of market leaders tires and service for both private consumers and business.

If you want to get into franchising network write an email to receive all the information and also to open a new center in your city tire service Driver.